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This group is for students interested in studying in a new country. Whether you are looking to attend foreign exchange school program or university outside your home country this group is for you.


Are you not from one of these places? Want to meet other teens and give back? Contact me for more info
I am planning to do a semester in Europe once the world is back to normal. Any recommendations?
England or Holland imao
Hey everyone! I'm Aria, the founder of The Red Goji.

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Anyone applying to universities in UK for 2021 semester?
Anyone planning a semester in Europe?
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Hi everyone! My name is Ashley Lin, and I am the Founder & CEO of Project Exchange (www.myproj..., a youth-led, 501c3 nonprofit increasing access to cross-cultural learning opportunities for middle & high school students across the globe through digital solutions.

Project Exchange is excited to bring together youth from over ten countries to participate in our Fall 2019 Digital Exchange Program (an exchange program, completely online)! Together students will learn about design thinking, community journalism, and the UN Sustainable Development Goals to make a difference. We are still looking for students to participate in our Digital Exchange Program from September 16 - December 8, 2019, which will take place on our online platform. It will take students about 2-3 hours per week.

We know there can be many barriers to studying abroad, and hope you'll take advantage of this opportunity (and share with friends/people you know may be interested). We are accepting rolling applications here ( aB27nc8E6) until September 15.

Please feel free to email me at with any questions!
Hello, I am Rogee S. Toe, from West Africa Liberia. I need your help for scholarship opportunity or volunteer opportunity as well. contact me
Hey! I want to create an exchange program but into endangered cultures! Anyone willing to help message me!
Hey Matthew! The youth-led, 501c3 nonprofit I run, Project Exchange (www.myproj..., may be able to support you. Please email me at!
I’ve been trying to get to have exchange programs into native populations. I want to get outside opinions on this ?
@derekzalono sort of yes! Populations whose culture is slowly dying!
@derekzalono what do you think ?
As exciting as this could be I suspect most young people will find it difficult to adjust...
Great summary on German uni applications

bridge-u.c... n-germany/
Are there any available scholarships for international students studying in the UK?
Hi Shantel - the UK universities provide very little scholarships for international students. There are some but it is difficult to find something that will cover your tuition.
I am a current college student getting my Associates in Civil Engineering Technology in the Caribbean.

What are my options if I wanted to continue my studies in Europe and gain a Bachelors in Engineering?
There are a number of options depending on the languages you speak and price you can pay. There are also a number of English programs across universities in Europe.
I come from an English-speaking country but I did Spanish for three years of high school. I wouldn’t consider myself fluent but I do understand Spanish and can speak basic level Spanish sentences
Spain is an option and generally fees are very low compared to most of other countries. Alternatively, Holland has a number of English programs but the cost will be higher - usually around EUR10,000 per year. Some public and private universities in Germany and Finland now offer programs in English too but not that many. Finally, depending on your financial position you may want to finish Bachelors degree in your home country and try to apply for Masters programs - there are plenty of them in English in Germany, Holland and other countries and it is easier to get grants or scholarships.
Holland Government Scholarship for International Students

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Could someone please compare the University College Groningen to Unversity College Maastricht? Please compare UCG's interdisciplinary PROJECT Based Learning curriculum to UCM's promotes their PROBLEM Based curriculum. Please speak to the strengths of UCG and UCM in the areas of International / Cultural Studies? Thank you!
I didn't study there but have come across a number of people from Maastricht. It's a younger university but very well known and many students end up working for tech and other companies. Law department is also considered very good. Groningen is a more established university and has solid track record in science etc. Both offer plenty of opportunities for graduates. Maastricht is more international and also very close to Germany and Belgium.
Thank you for this information!
Are you planning to study in Holland?
Great video on why study in Holland

It is a great place to study and much cheaper than most US or UK colleges while there are lots of English programs
I have visited it and its really a good place to go to university
Can someone explain to me the French college system as compared to the American system? Thanks!
It's usually 3 year programs and much cheaper than US colleges (many public institutions are basically free). Most of the universities require you to speak French (see university websites for requirements) before you apply. There is a difference between grand ecoles and public institutions but both are part of university system and offer similar opportunities after graduation.

It really depends on the university but if you are looking at some top schools like Sciences Po (which also has a number of dual programs) it has English programs as well. For Sciences Po as a non-EU student you would have to pay around EUR10,000 per year. There are lots of options in France and if you speak the language it is definitely an interesting place to go to college while most likely saving a lot of money compared even to US state schools. Application process is relatively simple too.
This is a good summary. Just by talking to people who studied in France and the US the systems are very different. The classes are generally harder in France and require you to do a lot of work independently.
Any Summer study programs that offer full/majority scholarships? I’m kinda broke,
You can try to initiate exchange program in your school as this would one of the way to get government subsidy for a program like this otherwise it would be private programs which are pretty expensive. This one is a German exchange program

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Try CIEE. I just got an 80% scholarship from them to study in China for 4 weeks this summer. Excellent language and culture programs as well as diplomacy and almost anything else for multiple countries worldwide
Tomorrow is my SAT.i expect to get 1300marks at least and have 95%in 10 grade while 92% in 11 I'm from Kashmir and can speak English.So in which uni abroad should I apply
Hi Maria - the question is where you want to study and how much you can pay for your studies. SAT is mostly relevant for US colleges and not for European universities (although some would look at it). England is always an option but the cost is relatively high for international students. There are a number of countries on the continent which offer undergraduate programs in English including Holland, Germany and Finland - some of these are private but still much cheaper than US or UK universities but there are public where education is free. See some posts below on this. It also depends on what you want to study.

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I want financial aid because I can't afford fees and wanna go to US
In which case you should post in US College Apps Group
If I wanted to study in Europe, what are my options? I can probably get some financial aid in the US but not that much and I understand that is much cheaper to study in Europe while quality is also great.
There are a number of options and it is definitely cheaper that the US unless you qualify for scholarships/financial aid. But it also depends on your language skills. There are a number of programs in English in Finland, Germany, Holland etc but they tend to be more expensive that typical state universities. For example, private universities in Germany charge EUR 5-10,000 per year while state universities are pretty much free but these tend to have only a few English programs.
Anyone here planning to go to college abroad?