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This group is to discuss cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology behind them as well as their future and impact on our economies


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I see some bets last year on where the price of bitcoin is going...what are your predictions for this year? And what coins will disappear?
Last year we were going up and people thought 10,000 was the limit this year people people think 2,000 may be the bottom but I wouldnt be surprized to see it under 1,000
It seems the hype over cryptocurrencies is over? Whats next?
I think its over for crypto but technology is valid and will stay
20 Ways Blockchain Will Transform (Okay, May Improve) Education

www.forbes... 6d49494ac9
New internship opportunity for people interested in technology and cryptocurrencies

www.roundp... pe+capital
Good read:
www.coinde... rypto/amp/
Ok we did this in the end of last year but whats your view on bitcoin this year, both bottom and top?
I don't think it will fall much more: going do 20k at such a speed was obviously an overreaction but money still flow into crypto. Besides major exchanges are now building up institutional sales teams so might be more big players in the games soon.
BTC Cash is better.
Miners' costs are in the range of 4500 (extremely dodgy ones) to 4900-5500 ("legit" ones). That explains why we don't go much lower than 6000.
Is that possible that a number of countries completely ban cryptocurrencies? What's going to happen then?

Looking at this they cant or dont really want to ban it...
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Haha great story...dont think anyone really take advice from youtube stars
End of bitcoin? I keep hearing this more and more...
Anyone can explain actual value of bitcoin?
I think we discussed this here already - difficult to put a value on it...
'End of bitcoin? I keep hearing this more and more...'
maybe just end of some exchanges...
What a great dip and a crazy rebound!
Coincidently CBOE futures were expiring around the same time as the dip happened and trading volumes weren't that huge.
Any thoughts on that?
Rebound isn't that someone who is relatively new to cryptocurrencies (have been following it for 6 months) any good online resources that you can recommend?
There were was a post below with a good video
Thanks found it - pretty helpful
We came across this article and actually had someone asking us here if we are interested in doing ICO at some point. What do you guys think?

www.cnbc.c... h-ico.html
I think it’s a great idea as long as there is a strong developer base and a real mission to solve a problem with the ICO. Many pump and dump ICOs had a short run in 2017 and were clearly created as a Ponzi scheme (like bit connect). I would love to be an initial investor if this idea goes through! It would be a good addition for my senior thesis.
It does seem like an interesting idea! But what would you use it for?
Cardona (ADA) and Litecoin will be the biggest movers in 2018 in terms of technology and value. Mark my word.
So there are Bitcoin futures on CME and CBOE now but so far it didn't affect existing crypto exchanges at all.
Any thoughts whether that might eventually happen?
Why exchanges? How should that impact the price?
Future contracts should be available for Bitcoin by 2018. Very interesting advancement.
I found this video which describes how Cryptocurrencies work if anyone is interested.

www.youtub... BC-nXj3Ng4
This is one of the best article I've ever read on Bitcoin technology and the engineering challenges it faces. It is a bit long but worth it :)
medium.fre... 6936ba0b99
Thank you for sharing this. Definitely will read..
It looks like Bitcoin has reached $10,000. This happened sooner than I expected. I'm guessing there will be an abundance of sell orders in the near future which will lead to another correction. To infinity and beyond!
Seems like no end to this run - interesting to understand who are the buyers
I'm doing my senior thesis on cryptocurrency and began investing in July. From what I've read only 6% of cryptocurrency buyers are 21 and under
Well that's understandable because they don't have that much money. Another crazy day but looks like people are starting to sell. Is BTC the craziest thing to trade?
@Christian - getting close to your 10k prediction! Lets all throw in a number - mine is $8500 top for 2017
Once again, it was just a prediction. However I do believe we will see 10k price point by December 31st.
This is fun guys - $8700 from RP team