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For anyone who would like to discuss astronomy news and the latest research, as well as hear about opportunities within the field.

Feel free to start a discussion on anything you find interesting in astronomy, whether it be images of space, news from NASA or other space agencies, new discoveries, or just talking about space!


Minseo Kim Minseo Kim
Sep 28, 2020
Hi everyone! My name is Minseo Kim, and I am the COO of InterSTEM, a non-profit organization that aims to promote the understanding of STEM-relevant topics globally.

We are currently organizing a student-run research program, a unique opportunity for students to explore and dive deeper into the world of STEM. There will be four research teams, each consisting of 5-7 high schoolers and in charge of different research topics (physics, biology, data science, machine learning, etc). In addition to regular team members, each team will have one team leader who must have enough research experience in whichever topic they are confident in and have the ability to lead the project.
If you are interested in this team leader position, please fill out the application here: SHuKZHXaM8

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Thank you in advance, and we are extremely happy to work with you!
The link above is not working, here is the new link to the application: 6YeMtpERG6
InterSTEM has some great astronomy based blogs/articles! Go find mine and others’ at
www.scienc... ceDaily%29

An unusual supernova....
For anybody who thinks black holes are just fabulous,check this article out pi5kQFawwN
Who would have thought that Hawking was right with his weird hairy black holes
This new roundpeir icon looks like Harry Potter. I thought the neck shadow was his smile. Or is it his smile??
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I agree! I guess its his neck shadow
Ryan Liu Ryan Liu
Jul 7, 2020
Hi everyone! My name is Ryan Liu, and I am the CEO of InterSTEM, a non-profit organization dedicated to expanding access to STEM education in underprivileged communities and fostering a genuine passion for the sciences. InterSTEM is composed of four main sectors: a tutoring service for students of all ages in subjects ranging from cybersecurity to calculus, a blog where writers utilize STEM to educate readers on current events, a research mentorship program, and various events such as hackathons and research symposiums.

Currently, our organization is based in Southern California, but we hope to expand across the country and internationally. Although we are still a new organization (we launched last week!), we already have over 50 prospective members and have been receiving lots of positive feedback in our community. If you would like to get involved, please comment below or shoot a message to Additionally, if you would like to be a writer, tutor, or take one of our classes, please fill out the corresponding form from this link: . Regardless of your strengths and passions, we will be extremely happy to work with you. Thank you in advance!
Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of... your education! Have you found yourself looking out the window at night, staring up into the deep abyss of Space? The limitless nothingness outside of our atmosphere is deeply unknown to even the world's most promising astrophysicists, but, if you wish to develop a foundation of astronomy and astrophysics, all might not be lost.

Beyond the Five is an organization that offers free, online, self-paced courses in AP, college level, and miscellaneous (special-interest) courses. You read that correctly: these courses are completely free, no hidden costs whatsoever. If you are an aspiring astronaut, there are three courses that might interest you.

Fundamentals of Astronomy and Astrophysics is a course meant to introduce students to the study of astronomy and astrophysics, giving contemporary examples of research, studies, and the primary concepts involved within describing our universe.

Computational Astrophysics is a course dedicated to mathematically minded pupils who wish to describe the interactions between the Universe and celestial bodies.

Exoplanets and Extraterrestrial Life delves into frequently-asked questions surrounding life beyond Earth. Some of these questions include: do beings exist beyond Earth? Are there other inhabitable planets? What characteristics are needed for a planet to be habitable? This course strives to provide answers for these questions and more. Additionally, students will be able to perform their own original research regarding a subject within the realm of Exoplanets and the existence of Extraterrestrial life.

If these courses spark a star in your pupils, please visit beyondthef... m/register to register for these free courses today!

Join our community of like-minded and dedicated individuals at
This Crazy Steam-Powered Probe Could Pretty Much Explore Space Forever

www.scienc... ce-forever
Bill Nye says Mars colonies won't happen: 'Are you guys high?'
Christopher Carbone

www.foxnew... m=referral
Cometlike objects could be spreading life from star to star throughout the Milky Way
www.scienc... -milky-way
Is anyone going to college soon and pursuing astronomy or astrophysics in college? What are some colleges that have good programs?
UVA would be a good program for you and in state?
I’ve actually thinking about instate and out of state. UVA is on my list. Clemson is too.
NAU, I have a bunch of information about it if you need any. ASU is a good one too I think.
Are Flat-Earthers Being Serious?

www.livesc... elief.html
Great article shared by one of our members

sputniknew... ssion=true
Hi there - feel free to post astronomy related questions or thoughts here...
An astrophysicist is unlocking the secrets to dark matter

www.scienc... 121533.htm
Hello everyone, has anybody heard of the United Space School summer program? Someone says that it is run by NASA and someone says not. Anyway, I ve got selected to take a part in it this summer, and my question is “would it have a significant weight in my application to top universities like MIT or Stanford?” Thank you for your attention.
I have come across this one www.spacec... cedacademy but presume this is different? I have asked my counselor last year about various summer programs and most prestigious are usually run by universities themselves or have been around for years like Telluride. At the same time the program you got accepted into may be an excellent place to spend summer and learn something.
Good article on life on other planets that our science team picked up xoplanets/
Anyone here interested in european astronomy undergrad programs as well as astro camps? I am looking mainly in the UK and Germany.
Hi there - check IAYC and Space School in the UK. Both are very good summer astronomy camps.
So what happened with Zuma launch?
This is a great article about the launch. Apparently the rocket was lost in orbit, but not much is known/confirmed because of it being top-secret.
www.wired.... in-action/
Another interesting discovery

astronomyn... -observed/
We had someone asking us a question about the best astronomy undergrad programs and we have posted the list (attached) but would love to hear your views and add to this list
I found this forum page to be particularly helpful when starting my college search. There are multiple schools you might not've thought of and great reasons are given on why the colleges have good astronomy programs. www.astrob... -programs/