1. What is RoundPier?

RoundPier is a dedicated community for students, parents, teachers and various other education professionals and organizations. It is an educational social network focused on academic and extra-curricular activities. RoundPier is not a facilitation tool or a management system intended for classroom use. This platform focuses on learning and development helping members grow while being part of a global education community.

2. Who can join RoundPier?

RoundPier is open to people, educational institutions, and extra-curricular programs. Our core people audiences include active students (from pre-school to high school age), parents, teachers, school administrators, tutors, and coaches.

3. I am a student under the age of 13, how do I sign up?

To comply with regulations, we do not allow any student under the age of 13 years to create their own RoundPier profile. RoundPier requires a parent of the student younger than 13 years to create and manage the account, on behalf of their child.

4. What should I include in my profile?

For a student, your RoundPier profile should reflect your academic and extra-curricular activities. This is a place for you to tell your story. Through your story, RoundPier helps you get recognized, influence others, and connect with resources that may lead you to more opportunities to grow and succeed. You should highlight interests, hobbies, and activities you enjoy or would like to become better in. This way, RoundPier can help match you with qualified tutors, coaches, and other programs to help you out.

For a teacher or other education professionals, your profile is the way for you to summarize your career. You should highlight your achievements and past successes, such as successful students if you are teacher or successful athlete if you are a sports coach.

5. Can a school, educational organization, or extra-curricular program have a presence on RoundPier? What are the benefits?

Yes. We have a separate registration process for organizations. Any education or extra-curricular organization can create a profile. This page can help increase awareness for your organization and drive more engagement with students, parents and other RoundPier community members. You can use this page as an extension of your other online presences and provide updates on various activities, events and other news worthy items. We have also seen organizations using RoundPier to find talented individuals to hire.

6. Is RoundPier safe?

We take safety seriously and strive for a community of trust. There are a number of features built to ensure a safe environment. RoundPier uses human moderation and various verification processes to confirm users are who they represent to be. This is a “Neighborhood Watch” network and RoundPier will act to remove any member that engages in appropriate behavior. There is a private message system in RoundPier. Any private messaging between a student and unverified education professional or organization cannot take place without parental approval.