RP Insights: Don't Waste Your Summer

RP Insights: Don't Waste Your Summer

Summer break, it shows up faster than you think. Doing little and chilling at a beach are great ways to enjoy summer. However, they will not help you expand your horizons, meet new people from around the world, and better prepare your academic resume to meet your next goal. Here at RoundPier, we are embarked on an on-going investigative journey to find you fun and interesting summer programs to consider for 2019 (and beyond).

But first, why should you consider participating in a summer program? There are a number of RoundPier members who participated in various summer programs located inside and outside the US. Ani Machaidze attended summer program at MIT last year. She believes there’s a higher likelihood of becoming lazy and/or wasting time if you stay home during the summer. She also thinks that participating in a summer program at a university you’re hoping to attend is a great way of demonstrating you’re desire to become a future student.

“Attending a summer program helps keep you active, find new interests, and obtain new skills,” Ani shared. “You also get to see and explore a new place. If the summer program is at a university campus, you receive the added benefit of learning more about the school and meeting its people. This is especially useful if you’re thinking of applying there for college.”

Sam Yakubov, who initially hesitated to attend the CTY program at Johns Hopkins University this summer, mentioned, “It is a great way to meet new friends both from the US and overseas.”

In addition to learning new things and meeting some great people, summer programs provide universities another view of what you’re doing outside of the classroom. Christine Zimmermann works with one of RoundPier’s member organizations, LaunchX, which runs summer programs at MIT, Northwestern and UT Austin. Christine suggests that attending a selective program like LaunchX, which has an acceptance rate of around 15%, shows admission officers that you are a high performer.

With all of this being mentioned, our recommendation is to not participate in a summer program because you want to impress particular universities or your parents forced you. Instead, find an area where you have some interest, do your research, and find a program that caters to your strong interest and geographic preference. We’re delighted at RoundPier to check out various programs on your behalf and connect with members who can provide real feedback.

RP Insights:
We have prepared a list of 10 summer programs depending on your interests:

General – UChicago Immersion
Science – Simons Summer Research Program
Math – Stanford Mathematics Camp
Robotics – Cornell Fabricating the Future: Robotics & Programming
Entrepreneurship - LaunchX
Debate – JSA Summer Programs
Journalism – Princeton University Summer Journalism Program
Arts – Boston University Visual Arts Summer Institute
Sport: Basketball – Pau Gasol Academy
Sport: Soccer – FC Barcelona Academy

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RP Insights: Don't Waste Your Summer
Very helpful for the next summer thanks!
Good post! I have done a local program and it's a great experience but I wish I did a more global program like LaunchX to meet more people
Any programs still open?