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Hey guys, I run a nonprofit organization called Miracle for Youth and we are currently sponsoring a $250 scholarship on our Instagram Page. You can follow the directions down below to apply for this scholarship. (NOTE: This is a social media challenge, you can only apply for this scholarship on our Instagram Page). You can apply as a high school or student and international students can apply!

All you need to do is:

1. Follow @scholarshipowl on Instagram

2. Follow our nonprofit @miracleforyouth on Instagram

3. Like our post on Instagram @miracleforyouth! ❤️

4. Tag a minimum of 3 friends who would be interested in this opportunity on Instagram.

~And you're entered to win a $250 Scholarship~ 💰

Good luck! Drop any questions about this scholarship in the comments below :)
Hello all!

I am one of the directors at Miracle for Youth, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing career-building opportunities for young students. We currently have leadership applications open for Content Creators and Magazine Staff. We offer volunteer hours for participating. There is an information sheet attached about MFY and the positions.

Instagram: www.instag... eforyouth/
LinkedIn: www.linked... acleyouth/

We are looking for students willing to put in effort and time to create meaningful content for our organization. Below are the positions available.

Youtube: create and edit youtube videos accordingly to Miracle for Youth content calendar, 2-3 hours a week
Tiktok: create Tiktok videos accordingly to Miracle for Youth content calendar, 1-2 hours a week
Facebook/Twitter: create appealing content and maintain good communication with followers, 1-2 hours a week
LinkedIn: update and post content on the main page with information and news, reply to followers and people who connect with Miracle for Youth, help and promote Miracle for Youth webinars, 1-2 hours a week

Editors: helps write and organize content for the magazine; will be responsible for editing journalists’ writing as well as writing 1 article/week.
Design Editors: Gathers the images, works on the cover, takes necessary photographs, maintain magazine theme (consistent font, visual elements: colors, spacing, etc)
Writers: Gather writing content (interviewing people, collecting information/stories from MFY members, writing the blog); work with editor and project leader; brainstorming & writing about 2-3 short articles a week

PLEASE APPLY THROUGH GOOGLE FORMS through these links(Can apply for multiple positions):

CONTENT CREATOR Application: kgC5pX8Tp8
MAGAZINE STAFF Application: nmFeP2pQ69

For any further questions, PLEASE CONTACT US through EMAIL - or INSTAGRAM - (@miracleforyouth). You can also message me or leave a comment below.
Hi everyone, I currently serve on the Future Executives International Advisory Board(FEIAB). Being on this board helps students act as a voice for the youth on a large platform. Through being part of FEIAB I have been able to conduct international webinars, manage social media, be a leader in my community, and host large conferences and events. The time commitment is 3 conferences a year and about 1-4 hours a week. We are currently accepting applications for more advisory board members to join our team. Through this opportunity, you will be able to gain resume-building experiences and participate in a leadership opportunity that can improve your skills in public speaking, event management, and project management. The time commitment is relatively low and it has been a great experience so far.

Here is the link to our website: futureexec...

If you are interested in this opportunity please put your name and email in the comments below or message/email me on RoundPier or my email
Hi! I am very interested in this opportunity. You can contact me at
Hi! I'm interested :)
Good afternoon I am interested , email me at
Hi everyone! My name is Aanya and I'm a rising junior from New Jersey. I wanted to share with you an opportunity that I have been working on. I am currently an advisory board member for the Future Executives Inc Nonprofit Organization. I am hosting a seminar as part of the board to teach students about resume writing. If you guys are interested please email to RSVP! I would love to connect with all of you. I have attached the flyer below!
Great initiative @Aanya Srinivasan - should also explain the value of having RP profile and how to use it!
That sounds like a great idea @Greg Zavorotniy - I will definitely mention RoundPier.