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My name is Janhavi Singhal and I am a junior at Homestead High School. My friend Laksh Bhambhani and I are on our school's robotics team so over the past 2 years we have gained skills in Computer Aided Design (CAD), software development, and other areas as well.

We'd like to share this knowledge through specialized introductory classes with elementary and middle school students, giving them early exposure to tools they might find interesting, fun to experiment with and useful in their high school careers and beyond.

Our first offer is teaching the basics of Computer Aided Design over 2 sessions ($15/student for both sessions) where we will guide your student through creating objects such as custom name plates, simple model of a camera, and a few others. The skills learned in this class can be applicable to 3d printing and further developed into more complex applications.

From my personal experience in learning CAD, I found that trying to teach myself was rather daunting and I would've greatly benefitted from someone who could help me understand the fundamental concepts. In these classes we plan to give your student the essential skills to build on their knowledge and successfully apply these skills in the future.

We're offering 2 batches:
July 26 (Sunday) at 10:30am, August 2nd (Sunday) at 10:30am
July 27 (Monday) at 10:30am, August 3rd (Monday) at 10:30am

If you and your student are interested or have any questions, please visit for signups or more information, or feel free to contact me at